Gemeinnützige Projekte

„Bildung ist die mächtigste Waffe, um die Welt zu verändern.“
Nelson Mandela, 1963

Kinder liegen uns am Herzen – in Deutschland und in Afrika.

Intercultural Academy hat eine Spendenpartnerschaft mit der privaten Stiftung TG Silundika Cultural Community Center geschlossen. Mit dem Verkaufserlös unserer KIDS-Reihe tragen wir zur Verbesserung der Situation bei.

Charity Fundraising 2020


In the small community of Gala in Bulilima District in the south of Zimbabwe, the issue of high unemployment and lack of disposable income amongst local youths and women is grievingly high. Against this background, Bilingual Solution has formed a fundraising partnership with the private foundation, TG Silundika Cultural Community Centre. With the sales proceed of our KIDS Series, we help to raise funds for the charity to develop the capacity of the young women and single mothers in the technical skills of sewing, bead making, basketry, fashion design, dressmaking, and basic marketing skills. The ripple effect of this intervention will benefit not only the direct beneficiaries and their families but also their communities and the nation at large. Help us with your support to make the difference!

Read more about the projects on the charity website.

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