Intercultural Academy Program

Series: Our award-winning intercultural training programs (ICT) for various countries
Target Group: Expats, employees on foreign assignment, young professionals and families

Blended Learning, Microlearning, and
Face-To-Face Training – The Perfect Mix!

Intercultural training drives innovation and employee retention. Without intercultural training, 67% of employees say they are unhappy with their personal situation due to adaptation problems in the new culture and they also experience culture-related challenges at work.

Our training programs take an evidence-based approach and thus help employees to acquire the behavioral and intercultural communication competencies necessary to successfully adapt to the new environment. Our programs facilitate meta-cognitive strategies that allow learners to continue in their development beyond our training program.

To allow for a smooth integration of iterative and recursive learning processes, all elements that focus on the cognitive level are dealt with via asynchronous learning. All elements that focus on the affective and behavioral level are dealt with in a face to face setting.

Continuous support for the first 6 months is what makes our program so efficient and what allows you to smoothly adapt to the new cultural environment.

This is what you get from us:

Before you start your intercultural journey, you will take our Intercultural Assessment, in short ICABS which assesses your intercultural communication skills.

You will receive an individual report and a debriefing session with your trainer, who will then on-board you to the following elements of the program.

  • 14 hours of self-paced online learning
  • Microlearning via the user-friendly OTTOLEARN™ App
  • Up to 16 hours of Face-to-Face training
  • Coaching on demand during the first 6 months
  • Retest ICABS to measure learning progress and success

Have look at our various training packages to find the right fit for your needs.

After completing the training program, you have the opportunity to take on-demand coaching sessions according to the training package you chose. In the premium versions, you have the opportunity to take a culture shock assessment at specific points of the program, as well as retake ICABS after a year to document your intercultural competency development.

This way we make sure that you receive the best support through training, coaching, and the online parts of the program.

Our support does not end after you return to your native culture. We offer repatriation training (coming home) to help you settle back in.

You can book our program anytime from anywhere you want.

Group Sessions available on demand.

Get in touch with us and we will give you a free 20-minute consultation to give you a better insight into this training program.

Our program has 7 Modules to cover various intercultural topics:

Module 01: Plan the Journey Ahead
Module 02: Getting on the Way
Module 03: Set Your Sails
Module 04: Land in Sight! Time to Anchor 

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ICT program Variations

ICT Netherlands

ICT Germany

ICT Europe

ICT Family

Program Features


Our intercultural assessment ICABS© measures your intercultural communication skills and well being. It helps you understand your strengths and development opportunities. 


You will receive an individual report and a debriefing session with your trainer, who will then on-board you to the following elements of the program.

E-Learning Modules

You will have access to the four modules of self-paced online learning to experience 14 hours worth of interactive resources, and scenarios.


With our partners OttoLearn and their engaging technology, Learners get prompted to engage daily and can immediately start proving or achieving their mastery. 

Face to face Training

The program consists of four modules of eLearning, Our virtual Face to Face coaching sessions and microlearning can be taken from wherever you are located.

Coaching Sessions

As part of our program, you have the opportunity to book up to 8 virtual coaching/consulting sessions with your intercultural facilitators.

Culture Shock Profile

On assignments, the Culture Shock Profile is added as an inventory to monitor the course of a culture shock and measure the success of the training.

Coming Home

Reintegration after returning to your home country. Our support does not end after you return to your native culture. We offer repatriation training (coming home) to help you settle back in.

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Our partner Dutch in Dialogue is a language school based close to Arnhem. We have formed a partnership to combine language training and intercultural training in the best possible way. To guarantee for a smooth training process with the highest quality possible, we recommend that you follow the intercultural training program in parallel to your language course.

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