Cross-Cultural Business Communication

Series: Intercultural Workshop series (ICTWS)
Target Group: Expats, employees on foreign assignment, young professionals and families

Cross-Cultural Business Communication
6 Modules for Communicating in international business

Almost everybody needs business communication skills. And almost everybody needs intercultural or cross-cultural communication skills. If you are working full-time, with a family or significant other, friends, relatives, and hobbies, you will not have the time and energy to follow a full language course and a lot of intercultural training on top. And probably, even if you do, you do not have the time to sit down in your hours off work to see how you can make use of the contents of your language course in intercultural encounters and vice versa.

Our workshops can be booked separately or as a workshop series.
Of course, you can also book them as Add-ons to our award-winning intercultural training programs for expats and international teams.

Our workshop series is more than a language course and it is way more than a general intercultural training session. Our workshop modules combine the best methodologies and contents of both fields, helping you to master difficult communication situations, understand what is said between the lines, and gain the confidence to speak and be heard.

Cross-cultural Business Communication gives you a unique skill set that allows you to build and maintain relationships with international partners, suppliers, and colleagues. You will be able to mitigate the risk of being misunderstood and misunderstanding others in international business contexts, while giving you the ability to use English as a foreign language in an authentic and appropriate way.


  • My culture – your culture
  • Working in intercultural teams
  • Communication in international projects
  • Networking
  • Negotiations
  • Presentations

Workshop Dates 2021:

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Alexandra Jandausch M.A.

15+ years in education, training, consulting, curriculum design, and training management. Certification uLab Leading from the emergent future, Innovation for entrepreneurs, Developing innovative ideas for new companies

M.A. in musicology and English linguistics, PhD candidate in cognitive musicology/cognitive linguistics, certification uLab Leading from the emergent future, Innovation for entrepreneurs, Developing innovative ideas for new companies

Responsibilities at Bilingual Solutions:
Curriculum design, development of novel approaches to training and development, consulting, research, L&D strategy development

Fun fact:
Loves camping, hiking, studied Jazz singing and is lead singer of a rock band

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We offer the following modules

My culture – your culture

An introduction to intercultural communication.
This module works best for people working in English speaking international teams and it is also great for team building.

Working in intercultural teams

This module is ideal for high-performance teams using English as their team language. Helping you optimize communication to reach company goals and target achievements.

Communication in international projects

This module is ideal for project managers and team leads who need to enhance their cross-cultural communication, risk management, and project management skills.


This module is perfect if you want to: reduce your public speaking anxiety, be perceived as authentic and confident while speaking a foreign language, and if you want to learn more about voice and body language control on the international stage.


This module is great for you if you work in sales or in a team lead or management role. Building and maintaining relationships with people within and beyond the company is an invaluable asset. To build sustainable relationships language skills are as important as cross-cultural skills.


This module is suitable if you have at least a B2 level of English. Negotiations are challenging, even more so in an international context, when you have to speak English. Asking the right questions, listening between the lines, knowing the idiomatic expressions and being able to swiftly communicate in challenging situations can make or break a deal.


This module addresses the construct of resilience and introduces several key skills and strategies. We will explore the attention that is directed at positive and negative events, the interpretation of these events, and the ways in which you can deal with them.

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