Certification Program
For Intercultural Trainers

Series: Certification Workshops
Target Group: Intercultural trainers and coaches
Language: German

Our Certification Program For Intercultural Trainers
Blended Learning, Microlearning, And Face To Face Training – It’s All In The Mix!!

Do today’s intercultural training live up to the standards and expectations of clients and learners?

This is the question we asked ourselves a couple of years ago. Our answer was a clear “No!”. We also asked ourselves, if the contents offered in intercultural trainings include new findings from intercultural research. Our answer was a clear “No!” – again.

We took our analysis of the situation and decided to take intercultural training to a whole new level: Our award-winning training programs are digital and they adhere to the highest scientific standards! We have developed a blended learning program that allows for a state-of-the-art learner experience, learner centricity, an evidence-based approach, process orientation, etc. Now we are ready to share our knowledge and add value to your training practice! 

We offer a comprehensive Train The Trainer Program and Certification Workshop series and empower intercultural trainers to incorporate blended learning and microlearning into their practice.

The certification program takes 3.5 days to complete. It comprises of 0.5 days of self-paced online preparation and three days of face to face workshops. All participants will have access to the online learning environment one month before the face to face workshops start. The self-paced module comprises of the basics of ICABS©, the microlearning modules, as well as the curriculum and concept of the training program.

Two weeks ahead of the workshops there is a webinar where you have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss concerns and ideas. This is also a great opportunity to get to know each other.

Becoming familiar with the parts of the program and how to handle them is the integral part of the certification program. You will have exclusive access to ICABS© and the ICT Backpacker Program for Germany. Furthermore, you will receive a personal report of your ICABS© results. This way we make sure that everyone has experienced the program from a learner’s perspective as well as the possibility to work through the program from a trainer’s point of view.

After completing the certification program, you will

  • Have understood how to use ICABS©
  • Have understood the significance of ICABS© results
  • Have learned how to facilitate a debriefing session on ICABS© results
  • Have practiced creating a personal action plan based on ICABS© results
  • Have learned how to navigate and use the online learning environment (using the ICT Backpacker Germany program as an example)
  • Be familiar with the structure and content of the online modules of the program
  • Have understood the handling and benefits of the microlearning modules
  • Have learned how to develop face to face sessions that are tailored to the needs and wants of the participant and the outcomes of ICABS©
  • Have gained deep insight into the facilitation of coaching sessions

Our blended learning program is unique on the German market and offers a great USP for intercultural trainers and coaches. The program is based on central scientific research in the intercultural field, as well as on research in the cognitive sciences, pedagogy and learning theories. We constantly evaluate the quality of our program to maintain the highest quality.

Digitalization of intercultural training and coaching is no longer a trend, but a necessity. With our offer, intercultural trainers have the opportunity to complete a certification for an integrated blended learning program for the first time. Until now, trainers could complete a certification for specific assessment tools, or for a regular trainer certification for intercultural face to face trainings.

The integrated program with the approach by Bilingual Solutions: comprises of the assessment ICABS©, the online modules (blended learning and microlearning), as well as the face to face modules. The certification program includes all of the elements of the program. We won two international awards for the high quality of our approach to intercultural training, and as the most innovative provider of intercultural training in 2019/2020.

Certified trainers and coaches can exclusively use our intercultural academy for their participants. The academy offers a broad range of country specific, target group specific, and topic specific training programs, including micro learning and ICABS©. Elements from the training programs can also be used in a modular way. The ICABS©, for example, cannot only be used as an assessment tool for expatriates, but also for the analysis of potential interventions for intercultural teams, for organizational analysis regarding future training measures, or for the evaluation of the outcomes of intercultural training sessions. With the help of the ICABS© and the micro learning modules, intercultural competency acquisition can be made transparent and measurable.

Using the ICABS© in combination with our personal action plans is also a great way to precisely analyze and measure the learning needs, so certified trainers and coaches benefit from being able to tailor their face to face training sessions to the actual needs of their clients. This allows trainers and coaches to demonstrate their unique abilities and quality off the beaten track of country specific information.

The maximum number of six participants per certification workshop series allows for a high transfer of knowledge and skills as well as for an intensive and fruitful exchange between colleagues.

Day 1 (summary)

ICABS© in detail

  • Structure, dimensions, scales (what is measured and why) – Recap from the online modules
  • Understanding reports and preparing debriefing sessions
  • Facilitating debriefing sessions with clients
  • Practical exercises for debriefing sessions
  • Best-practice tips
  • Creating the personal action plan: Theory and practice

Day 2 & 3 (summary)

Intercultural training yesterday, today, and tomorrow

  • Job profile and role of intercultural trainers and coaches – Changes and current challenges
  • Quality standards of intercultural training

Blended learning

  • What does it mean?
  • Approaches and their effect

eLearning – ICT in detail (ICT Germany as an example)

  • ICT Germany overview Modules 1-7
  • Contents and outcomes
  • Competencies and their alignment to the modules

ICABS©, personal action plan, and structure of the face to face training sessions

  • Creating exercises for face to face training sessions
  • Best-practice tips
  • Insights into the structure and handling of an innovative and groundbreaking blended learning program
  • Online information and training modules: ICABS© and ICT Germany – Backpacker
  • Access to the ICABS© including a personal report
  • Access to the micro learning modules
  • Access to the academy (ICT Germany Backpacker)
  • Three days of methodological/pedagogical face to face training (via virtual classroom)
  • Exercise materials
  • Course materials handout
  • Membership in an exclusive network of intercultural facilitators


Costs: 2,980.00€ per person

This includes the ICABS© and ICT Germany Backpacker program plus microlearning with a market value of 1,595.00€.

All prices are exclusive VAT.

2022 Schedule:

You can book our certification program anytime from anywhere you want.

Group Sessions available on demand.

Get in touch with us and we will give you a free 20-minute consultation to give you a better insight into this training program.

Mechthild Müller

25+ years in education, training, coaching, consulting, team, and organizational development.

Intercultural training and coaching (University of Jena), coaching, supervision, organizational development, change management, learning in organizations, mediation, agile mindsetter© (agile methodologies)

Responsibilities at Bilingual Solutions:
Development of training contents, Head Coach for certification of trainers, facilitation of leadership and intercultural training, coaching and debriefing ICABS©, facilitation of intercultural team development and organizational development workshops

Fun fact:
Has traveled Latin America as a backpacker, loves watching people go about daily business and communication while sitting in a cafe, avid reader of crime novels loves walking her Labrador dog.


Alexandra Jandausch M.A.

15+ years in education, training, consulting, curriculum design, and training management. Certification uLab Leading from the emergent future, Innovation for entrepreneurs, Developing innovative ideas for new companies

M.A. in musicology and English linguistics, PhD candidate in cognitive musicology/cognitive linguistics, certification uLab Leading from the emergent future, Innovation for entrepreneurs, Developing innovative ideas for new companies

Responsibilities at Bilingual Solutions:
Curriculum design, development of novel approaches to training and development, consulting, research, L&D strategy development

Fun fact:
Loves camping, hiking, studied Jazz singing and is lead singer of a rock band

This is what you get from us


Our intercultural assessment ICABS© measures your intercultural communication skills and well being. It helps you understand your strengths and development opportunities. 


You will receive an individual report and a debriefing session with your trainer, who will then on-board you to the following elements of the program.

E-Learning Modules

You will have access to the seven modules of self-paced online learning to experience 14 hours worth of interactive resources, and scenarios.


With our partners OttoLearn and their engaging technology, Learners get prompted to engage daily and can immediately start proving or achieving their mastery. 

Face to face Training

The program consists of seven modules of eLearning, Our virtual Face to Face coaching sessions and microlearning can be taken from wherever you are located.

Coaching Sessions

As part of our program, you have the opportunity to book up to 8 virtual coaching/consulting sessions with your intercultural facilitators.

Culture Shock Profile

On assignments, the Culture Shock Profile is added as an inventory to monitor the course of a culture shock and measure the success of the training.

Coming Home

Reintegration after returning to your home country. Our support does not end after you return to your native culture. We offer repatriation training (coming home) to help you settle back in.

Award winning innovative training Solutions

Intercultural Preparation Training Provider Of The Year 2021/22 | Netherlands


Best Intercultural Preparation Training Provider Europe 2021




Leading Experts in Intercultural Training & Coaching 2021

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Our partner Dutch in Dialogue is a language school based close to Arnhem. We have formed a partnership to combine language training and intercultural training in the best possible way. To guarantee for a smooth training process with the highest quality possible, we recommend that you follow the intercultural training program in parallel to your language course.

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